MAC supports artists through exhibits where works from well known artists hang alongside work produced by the emerging artist.  Comparisons are not drawn; each stands on its own and engages the viewer.

MAC supports artists through classes offering opportunities to increase skills and expand perspectives.  From the youngest artist to the most proficient all are welcome to experiment and learn as they transform materials into art.  In Bryce’s words “art often comes through the artist without conscious effort but technique takes the artist through the times when they lack inspiration.”

MAC supports artists through opportunities to explore the various ways in which to make a living as an artist.  By making art a part of every community event the great divide between “art” and “business” is bridged.

ARTIST MEMBERS  A paid membership in the Merrymeeting Arts Center enables the artist to enter the annual Members Show at MAC and to have personal websites linked to the MAC website. Artists also get regular notification of happenings and arts center plans. The Center encourages artists to take an active role in the organization: to enter other shows, to volunteer for arts center tasks, to offer suggestions for future shows, workshops, and other happenings.